New D&D playable race: Selkie

October 06, 2018

Not enough mythological creatures in your campaign? The Selkies playable race is now available for FREE download at the Dungeon Masters Guild!

Selkies are aquatic creatures, half human and half seal, who are believed to be related to the merfolk. Using their sealskin, they are able to change back and forth between their human and their seal form at will. While the merfolk are more adapted to warm tropical waters, the selch are built for gelid arctic waters.

What are you getting?

Within this manual, you will find all the information you need to make your very own D&D selkie character, from selch folklore to their racial traits and subraces. Information regarding their language (Mermish) and their seal shapeshifting ability (zoanthropy ) is also provided.

The manual also includes 2 magic items (shed sealskin and conch of whispers), 2 feats (child of the sea and song of the sea), and 1 background (feral child). Stat blocks for wild selkies (warrior and spellcaster), as well as for the different types of seals (harbor, fur, elephant), are also included.

(For the people asking: you'll be able to download the PDF's for free if you type 0 on the price you wish to pay.)

A very special thank you to all the 10 amazing artists who kindly contributed with artwork for this project for free. Go check them out!

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