About Me

I'm a girl who is passionate about live streaming and Twitch. Despite nor being a live streamer myself (yet), I have spent over a decade on the site and am here to try to share some of my experience and acquired knowledge, not only about Twitch, but also other platforms that integrate with it.

I'm a female amateur blogger, gamer, modder, D&D homebrew content creator and variety artist who lives in Portugal (GMT/BST/UTC timezone). My birthday is on August 17. I have a degree in Speech Therapy and a course in Secretariat. I'm single but not yet ready to mingle.

I suffer from a mild form of Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder, dysthymia (a mild to moderate form of chronic depression) and some social anxiety.

I have many hobbies: cooking and baking, singing out of tune, reading books, writing short stories and poems, creating little pixel art artworks, watching a variety of TV shows, playing PC video games, doing research and learning about random topics, spacing out and doing absolutely nothing...

I like to create websites every now and then just to burn time and have taught myself how to code in both HTML and CSS (although nowadays I mostly use automatic drag-and-drop creators since they save me a lot of time). Who knows, maybe JAVA is next. I would also like to learn how to make my own Flash games.

For the past decade, I have split most of my free time between playing video games and researching everything I could about live streaming, more specifically, Twitch and any other platforms that could be associated with it. The reason for this is, even though my family doesn't allow me to live stream myself, I am still very passionate about it and love to learn more and more about the subject.

Favorite Colors: crimson, turquoise, violet
Favorite Drinks: cider, milk, tea
Favorite Foods: eggs, cheese, rice
Favorite Sweets: tiramisĂș

I would really like to learn French, as well as to improve my Spanish. I'd like to improve my cooking skills and learn how to sew. Also, I never learned how to ride a bike and would like to do so someday.

My current goal in life is to find a steady job that will allow me to save some money to move out of my grandparents' house before I'm 30.

If you're curious, you can click here to learn more about why I decided to start this blog.