Real Life D&D: my character sheet

October 14, 2018

Our D&D characters are going through a 4 year timelapse in my current campaign. To reflect that period of time between modules, our DM has planned for an arena-fighting one-shot session. However, the day came he called the session off since he felt as if he didn't prepare enough content, and one of the players promptly offered to DM the one-shot himself, but in a "play as yourself" scenario.

I did some research into "real life" D&D races and classes but, at first, I hit a wall. Until I came across this super long quiz and decided to take it just to see what my final result would be. The reason why it is so long is that it will calculate your race, class, level, alignment and ability scores, based on your answers. I ended up with "Chaotic Neutral Human Ranger (2nd level)" and ability scores of 8 for Strength, 11 for Intelligence and 10 for everything else. Overall, I was quite pleased with that result but, being a Ranger on a "play as yourself" session is not exactly what I had in mind.

As for the background, I had a look at my favorite list of homebrew content, in search of a fitting Background. I will admit I chuckled at the "Portuguese Kang" but it is the "Afflicted" one that spiked my interest over some of the others I had as a plan B. It was love at first read, so I decided to pick Dysfunction as my Affliction and stick to this background.

As for the class, this was supposed to be a wacky goofy one-shot, so I decided that Halfwit would be a nice way to bring some humor into my (thus far) very accurate character. And thus, I ended up with this assortment:

Name: Marta
Class: Halfwit
Background: Afflicted
Race: Human, Caucasian
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 27 years old
Size: Medium
Height: 5 feet 11⁄32 inch
Weight: 154.32 lbs.
Eyes: Brown; framed by dark circles
Skin: Perpetually pale; covered in hair, moles, and freckles
Hair: Dark; long; stubbornly straight

The only relevant part missing is my love of animals (which is why the quiz had assigned me the Ranger class), but that could easily be fixed by adding an animal companion.

What about you? Have you ever played has yourself in a D&D campaign or one-shot? Let me know in the comments below.

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